Creativity is the most powerful weapon in business.

(We saw it on a bumper sticker.)

Why did you choose that seltzer, over the other 75 brands on the shelf? Maybe it’s because you’ve always liked polar bears. Or maybe you picked that other brand because it reminds you of that French guy you dated in college. (ooh la la) Or, maybe something long ago crawled into your brain and set up shop. A logo or a jingle or a joke you just can’t shake, no matter what. That’s a good ad! Creativity! And we think it’s more important than ever for brands to truly stand out in an increasingly competitive and data-driven world. In other words, brands need to find the Catbird Seat.

Scroll down if you’d like to see what Kevin and Paul have to say for themselves.

Partner/Creative Director

Kevin Floyd

Kevin started his advertising career at Leo Burnett in Chicago. He was a production assistant, then account guy, and finally found his true calling as a writer. For over 15 years he’s enjoyed creating award-winning work for clients across a wide range of industries, and occasionally writes about himself in the third-person.

Today, Kevin lives in the Cleveland suburbs with his beautiful wife and three spirited daughters. He enjoys watching Notre Dame football and Cubs baseball, hunting for IPAs and hanging out with his very cool family. They put up with him.

Partner/Creative Director

Paul Forsyth

Paul cut his conceptual teeth as a nationally-known editorial illustrator, so making the jump to the world of advertising 20+ years ago was a natural fit. Having a passion for the work has gone a long way in Paul’s career, leading to award-winning ideas that also generate results for his clients. Prior to forming Catbird with Kevin, he was VP Creative Director at Doner Advertising.

In Paul’s downtime, he enjoys time with his wife and three kids, plays a little guitar and ponders the next breakthrough idea for his clients.

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